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The most important requirements for a good aesthetic medicine specialist are good specialist training and a well-developed sense of beauty, together with many years of intensive experience: The actual surgery is “only” the tool required to implement the “concept of beauty”. And addiction to perfection is absolutely essential in this regard.

Both Dr. Levy and Dr. Schrank are specialist surgeons with years of professional experience and exceptionally high specialist qualifications.

To date, Dr. Levy is the only “Master Member” of the Association of Aesthetic Surgery and Dr. Schrank has been a member of the Society of German Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery for many years. Both gentlemen have attended and/or arranged many international congresses during their professional careers, where they have delivered many lectures. They have demonstrated surgery to others by means of video transmission and video recordings and have provided further training to visiting surgeons, both in theory and in practice, at their own clinic, especially in the area of aesthetic surgery (focusing on the face, the breasts, the tummy and body shaping.) Dr. Levy was the author of the book “Schön werden, sein, bleiben” (Become beautiful, be beautiful, remain beautiful).  This book provides a lot of enlightening information on the philosophy and technology surrounding aesthetic surgery.

Many surgeons have sat in on surgical procedures carried out by these two specialists, because they both have an excellent eye for beauty and they both possess a quality that is absolutely essential in this branch of medicine – an addiction to perfection. They look for an absolutely individual solution for each and every patient, which suits them perfectly – because “surgeons must be artists, because beauty lies in the natural appearance of the individual results.”  They strive to advise their patients and perform the subsequent surgery as if they were dealing with their own brother, sister, mother or daughter.
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