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Dr.med.Yoram Levy
Dr.med.Christian Schrank
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According to the new Medical Act that came into effect on 01.04.2006, it is no longer permitted for doctors to take “before/after” photographs in order to record changes to the condition of the body before and after treatment (Par.11, Sec. 1 No.7). Neither are schematic diagrams allowed on the Internet, according to German law.
Because the Medical Act does not consider the detailed explanation of surgical procedures to be advertising, due to the fact that it is specifically requested by the patient, we are able to show you appropriate photographic material if you register a concrete request with us.
To registration (Click on link "Photographic documentation")

However, the images you will see on the Internet can only give you a very first impression.

For further information, a non-binding personal consultation is the next step. During this consultation, we will be able to draw up a theoretical treatment plan for you after careful consideration of all the conditions, and thorough explanation of the advantages and possibilities – but also of the risks and limits. We will also be able to inform you of the exact procedure and costs of the treatment, should you decide to go ahead. In order to do so effectively, we will show you before-after photographic documentation in order to demonstrate what it is possible to achieve in your particular case.
We have the express permission of a large number of patients, to show their before/after photographs, which enables you to visualise successes (and also long-term effects!) for yourself.

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